Coach and Lantern

Location: 384 Wilson St E.

Order: Bruschetta, English Curry, Lamb with Greek Salad (feature), 2 pints Amsterdam Draft, Pint and a Half of Rickards White

Bill: $67.16


Online Menu? Yes.

Coach and Lantern - PatioI’ve been to Coach and Lantern a couple times before, once for a staff dinner that was fabulous, and another time which was just alright (suggestion: be cautious ordering liver and onions if you aren’t sure if you like it or not. I discovered I do not.) So this time when I went, I figured I’d do a review and hopefully redeem the last meal I had. We went there on a friday night and opted to sit on the (very full) patio. The patio at Coach and Lantern is done as more of a courtyard, then a patio per-say. All stone, with lots of vines and plants, and not too much sun, but it is still really really nice and very different.

Coach and Lantern - BruschettaA server brought us menus and we both ordered beers, an Amsterdam and a Rickards White, and we began to look over the menus. The person I was with decided on the English Curry, and I was torn between the Fish and Chips or the feature which was Grilled Lamb Skewers with Greek Salad. We then decided to share a Bruschetta. It took our server a good 10 minutes to get back with the beers, and by then we were more than ready to order. In her defence, there were only 2 servers on the patio for maybe 16 tables, they were definitely understaffed.

After another pretty good wait, I’m not sure how long but longer then I would have expected, our Bruschetta was delivered. It was okay, a fairly big portion but pretty generic. Grilled garlic toast with a Bruschetta mix, green onions and crumbled feta on top. Nothing fancy, nothing different, and in my opinion there was not enough cheese on it. Well, there was enough cheese, but it was in big clumps that were not veryCoach and Lantern - English Curry evenly distributed. We still ate the whole thing, and it was tasty, but it was just a straightforward Bruschetta.

As we were finishing the Bruschetta and the plates were being cleared away, another server came with our entrees, and took our orders for another beer. The person I was with had the English Curry, which is apparently made in house. It had a big portion of basmati rice that was cooked properly, and the red curry had a ton of chicken and vegetables that were cooked perfectly. The menu said it was mild, and this was quite true. It wasn’t overly spicy, but incredibly flavourful. I had this the very first time I came and remember it being just as good. It certainly is a house specialty.

On the other hand, I had the “feature” which was Coach and Lantern - Grilled Lamb and Greek Salad (feature)grilled lamb skewers with a Greek salad. It looked very promising, but after my first bite I wanted to switch my plate for the curry. It almost seemed like the cooks forgot to season the lamb. They were tender, yes, but completely flavourless. Not even salt. It was incredibly disappointing. The greek salad was also underwhelming. I’ve had some really good Greek Salad’s at places like La Luna, but this salad was very basic. The dressing, also, seemed to not be seasoned. Oil, vinegar, and that’s it. It is completely baffling to me that a place that can have such an awesome curry that is full of flavour can have such an under seasoned, under-whelming dish as their feature. After we ate, the server asked if we wanted dessert, but we opted to just finish our beers and go. After another longer than expected wait for the bill, we paid and left.

Recommended? I’m conflicted here, normally my decision is pretty easy. I think if I had friends going here and they asked me to join, I wouldn’t say no, but I would also only get the curry. It’s the only thing I’ve tried here that I thoroughly enjoyed. Other then that I don’t think I’d come back, I definitely wouldn’t suggest it to others asking me for my opinion on good pubs.

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