Southern Smoke Style BBQ

Location: Various. Roaming Food Truck. Schedule is on Twitter and their Website

Order: Pulled Pork Combo with Sweet sauce, Mac n Cheese, and a Coke

Bill: $10.00

Website: or visit them on Twitter

Online Menu? Yes.

Upper Gage Garage is becoming well known in Hamilton for embracing the food truck community and on this one occasion (today, as I write this) they were hosting several trucks. It had turned into a nice day and I had nothing to do, so I decided to go there for dinner. After wandering around for a few minutes and observing that Gorilla Cheese was there along with a few other trucks, another local Hamilton truck there that I had been dying to try caught my eye, Southern Smoke.

I walked up and looked at the menu, and decided on the regular Pulled Pork combo with sweet mild sauce. There were about three people in line ahead of me, and upon ordering one of the guys in the truck talked me into getting the smoked Mac and Cheese as my side. Once my order was in and paid for ($10-11 dollars a combo, decent price for a food truck meal) it took about 5 minutes to make and I was overwhelmed with an amazing smell of smoked meat coming from the truck. It doesn’t sound as appetizing as it smells, but it made me so hungry in anticipation for my food. Once it was ready I took it to my car to devour, there was no way I could wait to get home, it smelled so good it had to be eaten there.

First I ate the mac and cheese, which was not too saucy but really quite perfect. It was warm and did have a distinct smokey flavour. It was kind of peppery, and packed a bit of a kick, but nothing overwhelming or that wasn’t expected. For me to say it was alright, means its probably perfect for most people, as I don’t really like spicy food. But this wasn’t spicy, just a bit peppery.

Next up was the whole reason for my truck selection today, the pulled pork sandwich. At first glance, I was skeptical. It looked kind of dry and like it had barely any sauce, I immediately wondered what I got myself into and contemplated going back to get more sauce. Then I tried it. The bun was soft and fresh, and the meat was tender but had a good crust from the smoking process. The flavour of the smoke was outstanding also, and the sauce complemented it perfectly. These guys know what they are doing. After devouring half I stopped to consider how silly my initial impression had been, dry it was not. A smidge more sauce maybe if I was being picky, some people really like saucy BBQ, but you should probably ask for it on the side and try it first before adding more, because it was pretty perfect. Southern Smoke - Inside of SandwichThe only other thing that kind of bothered me (and now I’m being really picky) was the empty section in the to go container, maybe if they had a corn bread, or gave mac and cheese and slaw (both their sides) with each combo, I’m not sure, but it seemed odd that it was empty. Personally I’d pay an extra dollar or so to try both sides. Having said that, this is me being super picky and part of it is selfish because I wanted to try both sides. In the end it was very filling and definitely enough food, especially for the price.

Recommended? Two thumbs up! It was smokey and tender, so good! As I write this my fingers are still stained with the smell, but in the yummy BBQ/firepit way. Next time I would ask for a bit of extra sauce on the side just in case, but I will definitely get it again.

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