Harbour Diner

Harbour DinerLocation: 486 James St. N.

Order: All-Day Harbour Breakfast, Coffee, 2 Milks, Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese with coleslaw and Potato Wedges (special)

Bill: $30.50 (rounded)

Website: Yes harbourdiner.com

Online Menu? Yes

Everyone is always talking about Harbour Diner, and many people know it was featured on the Food Network show, You Gotta Eat Here. So after being unable to decided where to go for brunch last weekend we ended up here to give it a try.
Harbour Diner - Interior
Going in, it seems like an extremely laid back atmosphere. With mis-matching tables and chairs, it’s decorated like your mom or grandmother’s kitchen and is very home-y and kitschy. We were brought two menus and had drink orders taken. The server also told us that even though it was after two, they still had some all day breakfast items and left to grab out drinks.

When she came back to drop off the drinks, she told us about the specials, and while the board had several specials we were informed only two were ready; Curry Harbour Diner - SpecialsPasta, as well as a Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese. Upon hearing this, my boyfriends eye’s lit up, and he instantly decided that it was what he was having. Since he announced it to our server I quickly had to decide what I wanted and hastily went with breakfast. I ended up ordering the All Day Harbour Breakfast with bacon. After the server walked away, I regretted my choice and wished I had an entree off the menu, as a result we decided to share both.

The wait for food was much longer than expected. I have to say that this was quite disappointing, but after hearing the servers and a regular talking it appears that they make quite a bit of food to order. This made the wait a bit more reasonable, but there were only about 5 people in the whole restaurant and it took nearly 25 minutes for our order which seemed a bit excessive.
Harbour Diner - Bacon and Eggs
When the food finally came we were a bit more forgiving, everything was piping hot and very fresh. My dish was a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs with home fries and toast. The toast was brought out after everything else, but I ‘d like to think it was due to a lack of hands on the servers part. Everything was cooked right and piping hot, there’s not much else to be said for bacon and eggs. The home fries on my plate were quite tasty.

My boyfriends homefries (“wedges”) were drastically over spiced and very heavy handed with the rosemary. Almost to the point where they were inedible. He ended up eating my fries, and I picked around his, as I don’t mind rosemary as much. However the fries weren’t the focus of the meal, the amazing pulled pork grilled cheese was. This was no ordinary grilled cheese, it was a double-decker beauty with pulled pork, fried onions, lettuce, cheese and tomato. You could barely fit it in your mouth it was so big but so very worth it. It didn’t even need fries it was filling enough on its own. This dish alsHarbour Diner - Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese (special)o had a very tasty coleslaw that was also seemingly made in house and had a bit of a bite to it. It definitely was not a normal coleslaw, but it was very, very good.

Even though the fries were a bit over seasoned, we both didn’t have any issues eating until we were over-stuffed, and there was still food left over when we were done. We couldn’t have eaten anymore, but it actually was quite good. And I know that next time I’m definitely trying the meatloaf… unless there’s another mouth-watering special.

Recommended? If you’re downtown, you should go here. It was a good meal, cooked fresh and the specials all sounded phenomenal. The fries were a bit over seasoned, but everything else was filling enough and very tasty. My only recommendation (and the potential downside) is that you need to be patient, as food does take a bit. So don’t go here if you’re in a rush, but overall a pretty decent meal.

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