This site is an exploration of the many facets of Hamilton’s growing food culture.  It provides honest reviews of the restaurants in Hamilton, along with recipes and information about local food culture (coming soon!).

The reviews will all follow the same structure.  They will start off with what was ordered, and what the total bill cost. Then I will outline the experience as descriptively as possible and provide as many pictures as I can. The review will end with a thumbs up, or thumbs down as a dining recommendation.  As the database grows, the reviews will be categorized by food type, and location in the City making finding a solid place to eat that much easier.

Who am I to have authority on food?  Well, I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for nearly 8 years, and my significant other managed the kitchen of a restaurant for 5.  Aside from that I read countless food books, reviews, and cookbooks; watch an amazing amount of Food Network and have eaten out at restaurants almost weekly, for almost 10 years.  I feel that the accumulation of all of these things gives me a solid understanding of good food, good service, and what makes a great restaurant.

Recipes and local resources will not be available right way, but hopefully, eventually, all of the sites assets will be up and running.

If you have a suggestion for a restaurant to review please don’t hesitate to let us know, just visit our contact page.

Thanks for choosing Eat Hamilton to help bring awareness to Hamilton’s great food culture.

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